Monday, July 06, 2009

Hello, Old Friend

There must be a reason this blog is still around, I think. I stopped posting nearly two years ago, but here it is, still existing.

I think I've known.

I've known that this blog would come back, eventually.

I think I'm just about ready. I've got all kinds of pretty/tasty ideas floating through my head.

I think I know why I quit and why I want to keep going.

It is not some deep, dark rooted thing. No, it is a matter of taste.

You see, I do not like fondant or jam, I do not like it Sam I am.

(Truthfully, I'm okay with jam, but fondant didn't rhyme with Sam.)

Fondant, oh, how I curse thee.

I tried, really tried to like it, but it got to the point where I couldn't be proud of what I made because I couldn't actually eat it. What good is a cake if it just looks pretty? Fondant has the effect of finding a hair in my salad. If I make a fondant covered cake, I can't eat it. End of story. The whole cake is guilty by association.

So, from here on out, it's anything but fondant. Ganache, buttercream, mousse? I can't promise meringue, but I promise I might try?

If I won't eat it, I won't post it.

Stay tuned.

The Boy and His Cake

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Cherie said...

YAY! I'm so glad to read that you'll be restarting this blog! I just happened to be going through my blog list tonight and I saw a new post here. Can't wait to see your newest fondant-free creations! :)