Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dot's dot's everywhere!

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This is my first cake that is leaving me (beside the mini wedding cake - I don't count that). It is nothing like I intended it to be but I reached a milestone with it. I know, I am sooo completely negative about my cakes, but we truly are our own worst critics. I KNOW where the errors are, and most of them I cover up so you can't see; but I know they are there and shouldn't be! I posted it on a "cake" website that I go to and someone added it to their favorites! WOOOOOOT. That's the first time someone has liked my idea enough to want to look at it again and use it. She was fond of what I did with the bows. I think it's funny because the bows were a result of me knot knowing what to do with the ends of the stripes! (knot pun intended - just in case you are wondering if I am a total moron who mispelled 'not') :P. Of course the fondant was uncooperative with me so I ended up covering it up with more decorations than I intended. It's uneven, and it's got boo boo's everywhere, but I think it turned out well considering. I am REALLY adamant that fondant and I will become friends. It's soooo purty! The picture doesn't show the color well. It's almost hot pink, with lighter pink and black dots. It looks almost orangey in the pic but that's my cheapo camera for ya. It was really a fun cake to do, dots and pink and ribbons. Total girlie cake. In fact, I met my friend outside the mall to do the hand-off and the only one who commented on this strange lady sitting ouside the mall with a "custom" cake was a little girl who could only manage an open mouth saying "That's AMAZINNNNG!" Yup, totally girlie! It's my typical chocolate fudge with oreo cooking filling and buttercream under the fondant (I have a feeling it will become my trademark - it's soo good. As much as I critique my cakes, I really love their taste, and that's a big step. I usually can't stand my own cooking - unless it's mushrooms and onions, then I'm superb :P). Can you tell fondant is my favorite covering? I really REALLY love fondant. As much as I hate the taste, I love the options. It keeps the cake so fresh, and there are so many decorating possibilities with it. I love buttercream too, and nothing beats the taste, but if you mess up with buttercream, it's harder to cover up. Plus, with fondant, you don't lose the buttercream, fondant is really a decration so I don't feel I am compromising taste. I tried making some buttercream roses tonight, this time without the fondant centers and I failed miserably at it. I think I might take a Wilton course, just to perfect those and get better at piping in general. I feel that a "REAL" cake decorator will be proficient in butter cream AND fondant. I want to get good at piping. Covering the cake in fondant is definately a challenge, but once it's on, the decorating is much more easy than piping buttercream. Nothing beats a good buttercream rose!


Melissa said...

Great job!! You are doing awesome with this cake decorating.

Greg said...

For a beginner you can sure put out some cake!! They all look Great and if I had the chance I would definately put a hurting on them! Keep it up!!

Lisa Christine said...

just darling!