Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wedding Bells

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I did this cake for a coworker who is mercilessly teased about her impending who knows when wedding date to our boss. She loves it though and is aware she will be recieving a wedding cake from me sometime this week (it's a mini-cake, you probably can't tell in the pic, but it's sitting on a dessert plate- not a regular plate). Originally the plan was to give it to my boss as a joke on his birthday, but well, the actual BIRTHDAY cake took precedence. I don't know how edible this cake is. I had to use "piping" icing, which is a bit thicker than regular buttercream (though it's basically the same recipe) and Wilton premade fondant...which is quite possibly the nastiest thing you can put on a cake. It was a fun little cake to make though. She loves hearts and that is why there is a heart on top. Sorry for the horrible pictures and crop job, but it's late and I should be in bed!


Cherie said...

That is one awesome looking cake! Are you sure you're new at this cake decorating thing? Looks like you've been doing it forever. You are SOO talented!

Natalie said...

You are so sweet! Thank you! It's a lot of fun for me, but I still think they look so amateur. Practice makes perfect though, right?