Monday, March 12, 2007

Dragon's Lair part deux

My latest beast. I am really starting to enjoy working with fondant and gumpaste for modeling. I am not good at it yet, but it is so fun to see a blob of what is basically clay turn into something that could pass as a dragon. I wanted to experiment with different colors and make this dragon a bit more "cartoonish"; and play around with paint (food color) and glitter (edible). The verdict is that I'm still not happy with the wings, I need them to appear to be thinner (more like bat wings), and I want an irridescent sheen to parts of the dragon. I also want to be able to put the dragon in positions other than laying down. Unless I have something to prop him up with, I will definately need to use gumpaste, as that dries much harder than fondant. I think for the castle theme I am more fond of the orange and red, as it stands out quite a bit more than this little guy will. I have decided I will do another "dragon and castle" cake this weekend. I am determined to have a fantastic cake to show! It's funny, even though these are considered "edible", when my son asks if he can taste part of it my reaction is "EEEEW!" Edible does not equal palatable. So folks, when you see a work of art cake and it says 100 percent edible that does not mean you want to necessarily eat 100 percent of it!


Cherie said...! You MADE that??? That is so cool! Seriously, Nat, you are truly talented. I'm not just saying that. Look at the detail on that dragon - simply amazing!

BTW, did I mention I am year of the dragon? ;)

Natalie said...

Hmmm Cherie, I think I could mail a gumpaste dragon if not the whole cake! What's your favorite color(s) and when is your birthday?

And thank you so much for dropping by to leave me such wonderful comments :)

Just to clarify, the dragon didn't just come out of my head. It took it's inspiration from a Debbie Brown figure. Just so no one ever accuses me of not crediting the proper person, but I am trying to make him "my own" ;)

Val said...

Oh WOW! Your dragon looks amazing! It has such detail!

Cherie said...

OMGosh, that would be awesome! How long can it last? Can I shellac it and keep it on a shelf for years and years? LOL! You did say it doesn't taste too good, but there is no way I could eat such an awesome looking creation!

My favorite colors are green, purple, and blue. And my b-day is June 12th.

Man, I wish I had an iota of your talent. You are SOOO good!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I swear you could quit your job and do this full time!! Talented does not even begin to describe!!!!!!!!!!