Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A little somethin' somethin'

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I hereby dub thee...

"Lushious Lady Cake". Emphasis on the mispelling of "luscious" because this puppy is infused with Godiva Liquer. The recipe for chocolate buttercream came from the same book I've got all of my favorite recipes from so I wanted to make it right. Which means when it called for Godiva liquer, I went out and bought an expensive little bottle of the stuff. The frosting has approximately five buckaroonies worth of alcohol in it.

I didn't think the alcohol would be noticable, and as you might guess, it's nearly impossible not to sample the goods to ensure quality when making a cake. No, I didn't pour myself alcoholic chocolate on the rocks, but I did have my fair share of boozy frosting. After about two tablespoons I actually felt dizzy! I'm not a lightweight by any means, so I can only guess the sugar mixed with the alcohol had some kind of special effect on me; but nevertheless this cake will not be going to it's intended recipients: My mom's coworkers. The last thing she needs is to get blamed for a workplace full of drunkards.

The cake itself is Chocolate Fudge. It's funny, but the first time I tried the recipe I didn't care for it, now it is my hands down favorite. I filled it with raspberry flavored buttercream, and covered it with the Godiva infused chocolate buttercream. Honestly, it's ok. I will have a piece later (shucks) to determine if I think it's really just ok, or if when mixed with the flavor of the cake and the filling if I like it.

This was also a good excuse to practice buttercream roses. They are still eluding me with their ragged edges, but I am now convinced it's the consistency of the frosting, not the inexperience of my hand that is causing the problem.

I went a little crazy with the scrolls because they are one of my favorite cake effects, andthere are many MANY mistakes, but the overall effect is very pretty I think. Once I realized that there was no way I was sending this to work with my mom I just had a hay day without regard to how many mistakes I made.

This is one cake my son will not be sampling!


Anonymous said...


I am drooling all over my laptop!!!

Natalie said...

:) Turns out it is pretty darn good, and I can DEFINATELY taste the alcohol. I think I will have a "few" pieces of cake tonight. Or at least get into the leftover liquor!

Lisa said...

Yum! Looks delicious - and very artsy!

Anonymous said...

I love it. After the baby is born, will you send me one??