Monday, May 07, 2007

Another man's cake

I sit here tonight, typing to you from a beautiful, new monitor.

Sort of.

Actually, it's another man's junk, and my treasure. He upgraded to a flat screen. I upgraded to a real monitor.

You see, my previous beast, I mean monitor was a 12+ year old pawn-shop reject (quite literally). It was ugly, the screen was small, and the picture quality was horrible. It often faded from slightly yellow, to totally yellow and seeing a webpage as it was meant to be seen was nearly impossible.

I feel like I've hit the motherload. This is a BEAUTIFUL monitor. Oh, it is still a big beast, but the picture is pristine. This page I post on looks *gasp*, WHITE. I never knew it was white. I thought it was a creamy ivory. Who woulda thunk it?

So thank-you office-mate *J*. You totally made. my. day. My work-day that is.

To show my appreciation I think I shall bake him a cake! It shall be chocolate, it shall lack scrolly thingees. It shall lack flowers. Oh dear. What will I do?

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Suburban Oblivion said...

I don't know, what makes a man feel like a man? Put a pair of boobs on the cake and call it a day ;)