Saturday, May 12, 2007

Orange Crush

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Umm, yeah. I know. It's not even smooth. I did do the whole decorating process in about 30 minutes if that counts for anything. I had a beautiful picture of what I was going to do in my head. I was going to name it "Orange Blossom", but "Orange Crush"seems a bit more fitting considering the sorry state this cake is in.

This cake is:Orange butter cake with orange mousse filling and orange/vanilla buttercream frosting. Think Creamsicle.

Despite it's flaws, I'm happy I did this cake. It was 106 degrees yesterday (yes, you read that right), and I wanted to see how fillings and buttercreams react under the heat. The answer for this particular cake is, not well. I probably could have kept the oven off, and just stuck the cakes outside to cook for a few hours, but instead turned the oven on inside. Let me just tell you, it doesn't matter how low your air conditioning is set, when it's that hot outside and you turn on the oven, you're screwed. As are your unstable cake fillings.

Live and learn though, right? Even with the "icing dam", the orange mousse filling oozed out the sides and caused the top layer of the cake to slide around everywhere (hence the hurried deco job). Now I know that until the temps dip below 90, I need to stay away from anything less stable than plain Jane buttercream. That means no meringue buttercreams, whipped cream based fillings (IE mousse), etc. That's no skin off my back (or should I say 'that's no frosting off my cake'?), because I am particularly fond of plain Jane buttercream and now I have an excuse to decorate exclusively with it and/or fondant.

mmm mmm good.

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Suburban Oblivion said...

If it's any consolation, your ba cake day is still 100x better than most of us on a good day! ;)

And it still looks good enough to eat! :D