Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good neighbor

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Since I was only making 6" cakes with a huge recipe, I ended up with three two tier cakes. This one went to our downstairs neighbor in appreciation of them being MUCH better than our last ones! I was trying to get a little better at buttercream and tried my hands at scroll work. It's all fine when it's on top, but the sides are what I need to work on. It's not perfectly even but it's not meant to be because it was really done on the fly. I am really into mixing colors with brown, it's really fun. The third cake shall never be posted. It was a sad little cake meant only for my families eyes. I was trying to do a basket with roses on top; the basketweave was great, the roses...well, they were lacking. I am going to get myself in a class as soon as I can find one so that I can get hands on instruction with those wiley little buggers (buttercream roses and flowers in general). It's funny, the first time I tried my hand at them I did pretty well, but ever since then I end up with these blobs of jagged edges! Excuse the lame wording tonight, I knocked the crap out of my head trying to take this picture and I think I'm still a little dizzy. Don't ask! :P

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