Sunday, April 22, 2007

Feelin' Froggy

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There is a *condition* that inflicts itself on cakers everywhere. It affects our daily lives and spins it's tangled web right into our unsuspecting minds. No, I am not referring to the unnatural tendency to stick your tongue out and taste the powdered sugar "poof" cloud when mixing frosting; I am referring to the illness of seeing everyday objects as a potential cake.

As I poured myself a glass of wind-down wine tonight, this little label came off in my hand. I have been thinking of doing a frog themed cake lately (just because I can), but I wanted a good frog to get my inspiration from. Who would have thought a cheap bottle of wine would give me my answer? It was fate I tell you. I have never had a wine label come off in my hand. As I placed this label it in it's own special spot amongst my cake paraphernalia, I realized that this was not the first time I had done such a thing. Why, earlier just today I bought a piece of scrapbook paper, not to scrapbook with (which I also do); but to use as inspiration for a fabulous garden themed cake I want to do someday. (Spell check just informed me there is an extra r in paraphernalia - who knew?).

I thought I was immune. I have heard people speak of this affliction, but thought "pffft, it shall never get me! I have too many other things on my mind!" It's got me. It's got me good, and I fear that nothing is safe from being imagined into a sinfully delicious confectionary treat!


nutmeg said...

OMG! I'll get FAT if I start reading your blog. CAKE is my favorite thing in the world!

Suburban Oblivion said...

Hun, blogs are to me what cake is to you. I swear I cannot do ANYTHING without thinking of how I can work it into a blog. SICK I tell you!!