Friday, May 18, 2007


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Ahhh, it's good to be me. First a brand new camera, and now my new mixer! I truly don't care for the name Gloria, but I thought she was glorious and the shoe fits. You might think I'm strange for naming a kitchen appliance, but after using my mom's 20 some-odd old mixer that clankety clanked along and half the time did not whip or cream properly, you might think me only slightly insane.

My mom was kind enough to get this for me for my birthday (June 3, if anybody cares to send me gifts, I'd settle for comments :P). I will be gone that weekend, so she wanted to get it for me early. Thank you mom!

I had a KitchenAid before, but due to space limitations had to sell it give it up a couple of years ago. We lived in a tiny apartment and baking wasn't my thing. Plus it carried some emotional baggage with it (yeah, I know, I need to get over this attachment with inanimate objects). This one is soooo much better! She's a powerful red beast. The specs look like something you would find attached to a car. Transmission this, power that. Of course I have a lovely cake in mind for her virgin run. I shall post pics soon!

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Lisa Christine said...

Lovin' the kitchen aid and she is Glorious! I am very happy for you!